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No full screen possible (just a blank white screen)


Every project (Windows as target platform, GM Version 1.41763, platform is Windows 10 professional (1604), graphics card a Nvidia 1070) which I try to start in fullscreen mode just shows a blank white screen.

It doesn't matter if I set the project to start with a full screen at the beginning or switch to fullscreen from windowed mode.. all projects run fine in windowed mode, but as soon if you hit ALT+ENTER for switching to fullscreen, just a blank screen appears.

Game still seems to work in the background while blank screen shows (music plays, sprites change their positions..)

As soon as I change the option "Alternative synchronization method" in global game settings in Windows->Graphics to "true", the screen is not blank, but frozen and won't update (game is still running in the background).

I tried several Nvidia drivers, to no avail. There was a time when resetting the 3D-Properties of the nvidia driver seemed to help.. but this was a short-lived affair.

Tried several other options in the graphics Settings.. no chance. It doesn't matter if I run the project within the debbuger or I create the full .exe.. all show the same symptoms.

Seems to run fine on other PCs...

Any ideas?
UPDATE: strange.. now it works again.. okay, I had another game (no game maker project though) running in the background as the full screen wasn't working.. maybe it doesn't like that?


White area = application_surface not being updated (if that helps?)
Also observable when the game has crashed, and a portion of the window is moved back after being offscreen.

Perhaps try poking around with the surface functions, like resizing it or reseting it.