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No Context


"I've been doing it for like 3 years straight... It's tiring" - Lukan Spellweaver

btw for those of you who aren't on the GMC discord... this thread should be plenty of reason. Y'all are missing out on some top quality kek


I'll let granny's folds absorb it for flavour. Thick, salty flavour - Lukan

And no, I don't know or want to know the context


Friendly Tyrant
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Okay, guys I'm getting a bit sick and tired of dealing with reports about post content in this topic. So either you all take a bit more care over what you post or I close the topic and start warning people. To be clear, anything that is not family friendly or inclusive is not permitted. Thank you.


The Village Idiot
This topic's never been the most... polite one on the GMC, and it's been here since the new GMC began. If you want to purge it now you may as well delete the whole thing, the old No Context literally had the moderators quoting each others about dongs.