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(I'm not actually contributing. Just making sure nothing I've ever said is on here)

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Does anybody think it's odd that the universe is so young? It could have been anything between 0 and infinity.

Oh wait, I didn't understand the purpose of this thread.


"he owns enough ovens to not require shoes"
"chad stepped on a red anthill. chad had to go home."
"does anyone in this f^cking place want to commit arson and frame an old lady"
"you stay out of this, you're dead"
(talking about our dog) "she's the closest thing i have to a dog"
(directly after when we said we'd tell the dog she said that) "what's she gonna do, HEAR?"
"i'm being swarmed by a flock of himbos and i am at peace"
"i woke up to mom gardening in the bathroom and deadly nightshade in the microwave, can you come pick me up?"
"i think birds are funny because they have a distinct lack of arms"
"all you have to do is just squish that cat" "squish that cat"

Samuel Venable

Time Killer
which gives you more power over what meat goes on the skeleton
but skeletons don't typically grow meat by themselves
i don't think skeletons grow meat
if they did
that would be disgusting
we call out to dry bones come alive