No Context


Y'all know what it is. I know I for one have been having waaaaay too much context. It's time to bring back...

No Context

For those miserable souls who haven't been blessed by it's amazingness already, No Context is where you post funny or nonsensical sounding phrases or words that you heard someone say, which may make sense with context, but do not make sense without it. You should also post the person saying it's YYGF username or if you don't know it, the username they said it under. Oh, one other thing.

Do not post the context.

Welcome back guys, let's have fun
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Flaeon said:
This started out as a serious attempt to try to help Bluetail, and now everyone is encouraging genocide?
Darkwalker said:
The greatness of a man is measured by his penises, not his wealth
Yokcos said:
And here we see the rare swarm of Darzi descending upon Rose shirt from Topatoco.

It proves to be very effective bait.
Yokcos said:
I'd suggest spitting on Mexico so it gets offended and runs away


Well, the context doesn't even exist anymore. But it's ok since I've taken the pills.
Did your skull and brain get bigger like he told it will? I've got my pills but don't want to look like an elephant so i'm not sure if i should take them.