No Clue



Here's some art I've just whipped up using Inkscape, and I'm beginning to work on a game with it. I'm looking for some feedback on the characters :) Let me know what you like and would like to see changed.path7555.png

What will the game be named? No Clue. I'll try to post updates for you guys as well.

Stealthy Panda

looks pretty cool.
-I really like the character design. The guy with the bow does look a little weird, but hey, that makes him unique.
-The skeleton looks really cool.
-So does the swordsman.

-Maybe the only thing is I think the skeleton would look a little better with darker lines (my opinion). He doesn't stand out like the other characters do.
I really like the shapes.
And the Skeleton & graveyard are nicely coloured.
Well done.

I don't like the colouring though:
  1. The swordsmans armour probably is metal but you can't tell. It's lacking highlights as in the shield.
  2. Everything except skeleton and graveyard is too saturated for my personal taste. Games with a colour palette like that usually get a "Not interested" in my steam queue very quickly. But of course this is very much my personal taste and I'm not the only potential customer :)