Mac OSX Nintendo Switch Pro Controller + Xbox Series X/S Wireless on Mac?

I browsed many topics about using the 'Nintendo Switch Pro Controller' on my Mac OSX. All threads I found got it to work on basic level and and some buttons on the Switch Pro.

In my case, it doesn't trigger anything at all, yet it's detected by Game Maker? The controller works fine in Steam games.
in the async event I get the controller id:

_pad = async_load[? "pad_index"]; // Get the pad index value from the async_load map
show_debug_message(" pad: "+string(_pad));
show_debug_message(" New controller: '"+string(gamepad_get_description(_pad))+"'");
var _gpMap = gamepad_get_guid(_pad);
show_debug_message("Gamepad Mapping: " + _gpMap);

// prints out:
'Nintendo Switch Pro Controller'
pad_index: 0
Gamepad Mapping: 030000007e0500000920000001000000

Then in the step event, I check and compare all button values from 0-65535, to find maybe ranges GM2 does not support with its constants (gp_face1, gp_face2 etc..):

// check any current button values with old button values
for (var _o = 0; _o < 65535; _o++) {
_var = gamepad_button_value(_i, _o);
if (_var != old_vals[_o]) {
show_debug_message ("controller _o:"+string(_o)+" | old value: "+string(old_vals[_o]));
show_debug_message ("controller _o:"+string(_o)+" | new value: "+string(_var));
//show_debug_message ("controller gp_axislh: "+string(gp_axislh));
// save current button values to compare in next loop
for (var _o = 0; _o < 65535; _o++) {
old_vals[_o] = gamepad_button_value(_i, _o);

The above works fine with Playstation 2,3,4,5 controllers and lists all the button values for every button.

For the 'Xbox Series X/S Wireless' controller, the Dpad is not working either (i tried both gamepad_button_value and gamepad_button_pressed events) but there is no trigger/value change at at all? The controller works perfectly fine in Steam.

My question is also is it safe to use static numbers for the controller instead of GM2 constants? Are these compatible with Windows machines and other Mac OS configurations?

Thanks for any reply!

GM IDE Version:
Macbook Pro Big Sur 11.4 (20F71)