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Stan van Houten


Hi everyone!

Nintendo Switch is without a doubt a huge hit! Nintendo sold more consoles of it than the Wii in the first month of the launch.
Nintendo is also opening up to indie developers, so I think it's weird that there's no Nintendo Switch module on Game Maker.

Please like this post if you would like a Nintendo Switch module.


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PLease, this makes zero difference to the results of any possible business negotiation between Nintendo and YoYo Games, and we have stated many times before on the forums, that we'd ALL like a Nintendo module - you, me, YYG, everybody! This is known, and YYG have always responded with "we know, and when we have something to talk about we'll let everyone know"....getting "likes" isn't going to change anything.

PS: You get more likes from topics asking "how do I get likes?" ;)
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