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Question - IDE (Nintendo Switch) Launching game loading time is really high.

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I hope someone with experience on porting switch games with Game Maker Studio 2 can help me.

One of the tests that our publisher is doing in reviewing out Switch build is setting the FS access log to the SD card and simulating a slower SD card.
When simulating the slower SD card, the game takes 1 minute and 10 seconds to load. This is surprisingly high and we're looking to reduce the initial loading time.

One of the things that I've noticed from looking at thee debug log (that starts with) :


Is that the step between this line and this line :


Takes approximately 1 minute.

My question is, anybody have any idea what's happening between those two steps? Is it loading resources like sprites, sounds, etc?

Have any of you ever faced similar situation? And if so, did you find a way around it?

I initially thought of removing sprite resources from the project and loading them dynamically (with 'sprite_add'), but I remembered that sprite_add creates a new texture page (unless I'm sorely mistaken) for each sprite created this way, which would be a massive hit to performance. So I'm a bit lacking in solutions right now.

I've attached the debug log for reference.

If anybody can help, it would be really appreciated.

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Hello! Nintendo requests that all developers sign an NDA before being able to create games for their platform, and as such it is impossible for you to get help here, as it is a public forum. You need to either contact Nintendo or YYG and request support with any issues. I have edited your post to remove information specific to the Switch platform.
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