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GMS 2.3+ Nine Slices don't work with negative scaling?

I have a question regarding Nine Slices and scaling. It seems that Nine Slice sprites with negative scales don't work properly in-game, but do in the room editor. Are Nine Slices supposed to not work with negative scaling or is this a bug? If it's a bug, I'll file a report; if not, the room editor shouldn't be misleading like this.


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I would file a bug report about this, as I would imagine that negative scales should work, and if they don't it should be documented and the room editor fixed so it can't show them in the negative...


Hello, sorry to bump this, but I ran into the same issue and can't seem to find anything else referring to it. Has this been confirmed to be a bug?

edit: it seems like the solution is to rotate them instead. Ah well. That at least works for me at the moment.
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