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Hi everyone,

I made a side-scrolling platform action game called NightmareZ and released it on Steam few days ago. NightmareZ is a side-scrolling platform action game with lots of fancy features, enemies and retro visuals. I made this game in Game Maker Studio. I am a solo indie game developer working on this project for more than a year and finally got it on Steam store.

Are you ready to kill the Demons and to die for about million times? This game is really Hard and challenging. You will die over and over again! NightmareZ is a side-scrolling platform action retro game with increasingly difficult levels!

NightmareZ is available at 65% discount on Steam! Grab it now.

Purchases on Itchio includes a Steam key!


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“NightmareZ is a pretty good time waster. I would get frustrated with the deaths, but would be determined to continue on. It was a good frustration and I found myself laughing at myself when I kept dying to those scythes.” - By TICGN

"A little action-platformer that shows a great deal of promise, its fast, frantic and all round pretty damn fun!"- By Smash GaminG!!


I hope you will enjoy the game. Please feel free to share your opinions, feedback and suggestions. I will try my best to improve it.
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Update V1.3.3 :
I have recently updates a new version with some modifications in main menu.
Features Added in V1.3.3 :
- Added in-game Volume controls: This is a feature which most of the people asked me to work on. So, I have finally added in-game Volume Control in "Controls" menu. In this case, you need to press 'N' key to reduce the volume level and press 'M' key to increase the volume level. Moreover, the volume levels can be adjusted during the gameplay too. That means, you can control the volume level by pressing the same two keys even when you are playing the levels. Please note that, changes to the volume control will be effective for the current session only and it requires to be adjusted again when you run the game next time.

-Added Auto-save Feature: In the previous version, I have added save and load feature. But from now on, the game will be saved automatically at the beginning of each level except a few special levels where the checkpoint is easily accessible. You can collect checkpoint balls to save the levels too.

-Added Cursor key movements including WASD movement: From now on, you can control the player both with WASD controls and cursor keys. This feature has been added because some people like to use cursor keys for player's movement instead of WASD controls. Having both the features is necessary and hence, added.

-Escape button "Exit": The Pause menu has not been completely done yet. In the previous version, if you accidentally pressed "Esc" button while playing the game you used to lose all the gameplay progress. So, in order to stop this from happening, the game progress will be auto-saved even if you accidentally press "Esc" key to exit the game. That means, the game will be saved automatically before it takes you to the "Main Menu screen" in this version.

More updates coming soon!

Thank you!