Night of the Little birds - Little Bird's multirole action

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    Dec 29, 2016

    Night of the Little Birds is a side scrolling helicopter flight game featuring AH-6J Little Bird.
    The game can be described as 'Simulation version of Choplifter' or 'Wings of fury with helicopters'.

    I love video games featuring helicopters, and Little Bird / MD500 helicopters are my favorite kinds of helicopter.
    Unfortunately, Today is suffering from serious lack of helicopter games and even the modern remake of Choplifter had been deleted from the store recently, so I decided to make another helicopter game after Golden Hornet and Steel Alcimus.

    The gameplay is like the classic Choplifter Where you fly around the flat area and fight with endlessly spawning enemies, but there are some differences.

    First, There will be more various missions other than lifting the hostages like Destroying specific targets, transporting troopers, and carrying cargos to the base. The missions will be randomly given each time you are playing.

    Second, The control of the helicopter isn't very simple. In order to move the helicopter, You have to tilt the heli and control the rotor's power just like the real helicopter does. It requires some learning curves to properly control it, like Wings of fury or Sopwith.

    lastly, Like the flight simulators, You have limited amount of ammunations and fuel. You have to return to the base to rearm / refuel but returning to the base will make the enemies stronger.

    Managing resources and time is important to finish the mission quicker and easier.

    Currently, I have implemented basic gameplay elements including enemies, missions, and some sound effects. I have to add a lot more missions, enemies, and some upgrades.
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