OFFICIAL Next Generation Console Support


YoYo Games Staff
YYG Staff
We will soon be bringing PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series console support to GameMaker!

GameMaker’s Next-Gen console support is currently in closed beta, but the full commercial launch is expected in March 2021.
Developers using GameMaker to develop games for these next-generation consoles and the PlayStation®4 or Xbox One generation will require either a GameMaker Studio 2 PlayStation, Xbox or Ultimate license.

You can read more about console licences here:



I already have the 3 different export licenses, I hope there is option to upgrade to Ultimate/Console with lower-price points for those who own previous export licenses. :) Other cross-platform engines also offer native console exports - so I hope GM also offers a permanent license (like the Master Collection in 1.x) without extra "annual" costs!

That is how we GMers will RUL3 TE W0RLDZ!!! :p
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