Newbie question (using DnD and GML mixed?)



Hi all,

This is my very first message here, and I hope Ill be asking smarter question soon.

The first doubt I have is that, when I start the program it ask me to use DnD or programming. I would like to learn GML as everywhere Ive read that is better to get more control on what you want to get, but, I have any knowledge of GML (and very little in programming in general).

So my question is; can I use Dnd mode but adding code when is needed? or do I have to really choose only DND or only GML?.

Thanks in advance :)


I use gm 1.x but a quick search shows that you can here
More than likely it's just like 1.x of game maker where there is a "script' DnD that will allow you to place code

However I strongly suggest just going for straight code and not because it offers more control.
If you can understand drag and drop code you 10000% can program. there is only 2 differances between straight programming and DnD
1) You have to type mroe
2) You have to remember the names of functions and syntax

for differance 1- this is good you can be a quciker typer.
for differance 2- so what? can't remember that the function for collision is place_meeting? google: "game maker collision"

trust me you'll thank yourself by putting in that small extra work to go for gml


i really think you should only use GML. DnD is basically writing code but with simpler element. You can do same with code

If you want for exemple to add a variable, called scr (score) for exemple, you will in DnD press New Variable and set it to 0, and with code you'll just simply write


So DnD is just a GUI for writing code ? I don't know if you'll understand what i'm trying to say there, but just go for GML, it's not hard at all, and pretty easy to use, just ask me if you want some help for exemple, or just make a post in Programming when you need help :) Just ask me if you want a starting tutorial, i wanted to do one for quite some time now, but i don't know if it's will be usefull to anyone :/