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Newbie Needs Help

Greetings. I just downloaded GMS trial last night. I'm trying to create a digital version of a board game that I enjoy playing with my family, and I figured this would be a nice program to run it with.

For some context, it's going to be a board game with up to 6 players, where piece movement is based on playing cards (ace through king, spades, diamonds, hearts clubs), rather than rolling dice. The rules already exist for this game, so it's not an original idea.

Where is the best place to go for guidance on this? Is there a section in this community dedicated specifically to board games? Thanks.


Welcome! Before looking for anything about the specific game you are trying to create, learning about how game maker works and the basics of GML is probably a better idea. On the official learn page you will find a nice set of tutorials and guides that can get you started.

I don't think you will find any guide specifically about board games in a general sense. "Board games" as a category is too broad, you'd probably program a digital version of monopoly in a totally different way from, say, a digital version of scrabble. As games, they have very little in common, other than being board games and players taking turns to play.

You will need instead to focus on specific aspects of the game and try to solve one little piece at a time, like how to represent a deck of playing cards, how to shuffle those and generate a "hand", how to move a pice on a board etc...