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newbie here


Guys where should I start? I'm using gml 8.0 (I'm a student btw)
Depends what you want to get out of it.

Get the trial version of GMS2 and follow tutorials on what you have an interest in. There are plenty of things to learn from on youtube, and also in the tutorials/demos within GMS2 itself.
To bolster @TheSly's point, trying to learn from scratch with an old version of the software is going to be extremely hard. There's going to be version differences that are impossible for someone without prior experience to fix themselves with basically all the online learning resources out there. Get the GMS 2 trial, follow the inbuilt GMS2 tutorials, read the manual, go through youtube looking for GMS2 tutorials, read the manual, ask questions here and join the GM Discord (and read the manual). And experiment, experiment, experiment. Try changing very minor things when you're following tutorials and see how that changes/breaks things. Read the manual constantly, you can middle click on any function name to bring up the manual entry on that function inside of GMS. Do this ALL the time. Read the manuals explanation of that function. Most functions have example code in their section in the manual, which can be useful for experimenting and understanding what something is doing better. Do all that and what the other folks in this thread have suggested and you'll be on your way to coding up some cool games. Just remember that learning to code takes time and can be frustrating (especially when you're completely new). It's a constant journey (even for people who have been coding for years and years) so learn to enjoy the process, the results will come with time.


Why are so many "new" students still trying to use GM 8.0? It can't be legitimately registered anymore, its learning resources are becoming more like collectibles than supported fare, and it risks crashing on Windows 10. This is asking for trouble.

In fact, the diversity of GM versions used by recent students suggests a serious lesson prep problem --- some 8.0, some 8.1, some GMS 1.2/1.4, some GMS 2.2. This is no way to teach GM or get results with it. It just brews more confusion over version-to-version incompatibilities than real learning.

If any of you could tell me who's at the podium behind all this, PM me. I want to reach out to your instructor about the kinds of advice he/she might be giving about GM, and discuss behind the scenes how the GMC could best support the curriculum and help make the learning process more effective than what I'm seeing now.


Why are so many "new" students still trying to use GM 8.0?
Maybe they are acquiring it by setting sail on the high seas. To some misguided individuals maybe grabbing a "full" version, albeit outdated, is better then grabbing a trial of the current version.