Newb question: Special Characters / Symbols



EDIT: I have now found the solution. I went to my font and added a new range, and added ASCII values. I have now solved the problem.

I have not had any success in being able to draw text with special symbols. I have had luck using the chr() function for standard letters, but I am having issues drawing the degree symbol. I know how to combine strings.

I am too new to post links, but if you google "Yoyogames" and "Font Tables" it lists special characters along with their numbers. The degree sign is 176. If I use the ord() function for letter A, it displays 65, which is what I expect. For the degree sign, it displays 176, which confirms that it is in the system. But how do I display it?

Taking the chr() function of 65 displays A, but taking the chr() of 176 displays nothing. I have tried simply putting the degree sign in quotes (copied and pasted from outside GMS) and still, nothing shows up. How can I get the degree sign to show up?

Thank you.
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I'm not really sure about pre-existing special characters -- but you can definitely create a custom font, which would allow for any characters you created.
You would then just have to remember which symbol goes to which keyboard letter for when you actually use the font.

There's probably an actual way to use special characters, but this might be of use.