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Question - IDE New to GMS2 (image editor)

Let's Clone

I've decided to come back to working with GMS a bit, and this time around I'll be diving into GMS2 which I have used very little in the past.

So far, i think it's a pretty solid improvement. Everything seems rather intuitive and is definitely visually pleasing.
That is... until I made my way to the editor... Now, I can't imagine the dev at GM decided to scrap all the useful functionality from GM1, so I'm guessing they must hav hidden all the key features from me? I can't seem to find anything that was in the transform and image tabs in v1.4. Things like outline, in particular.

Do these functions still exist? Is there a secret tab that I'm overlooking that contains these useful options?

Many thanks.


Not all of the GMS1 image editor functions exist in GMS2. GMS2 ide was basically a complete re-code in a different language.

YoYo (to their credit) ran some surveys on the community about where to focus their efforts and on average the image editor came pretty much dead last in most respondents list of priorities.
While not official yoyo opinion, the general consensus at the time was that any built-in editor is never going to compete with the numerous stand alone options so best not to waste too much time on features most of the community dont use anyway.

My suggestion would be to use the built-editor for placeholders and small edits but use an external editor for any serious sprite work. Some options are:
  • Photoshop,
  • Aesprite - cheap/free if you compile yourself.
  • Gimp - Free
  • piskel - Free
  • krita

Let's Clone

That's sad to hear, I rather enjoyed the v1.4 editor and liked that I didn't have to leave the program nearly as often haha. But using a stand-alone isn't the end of the world. Many thanks for the insight!