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I’m very happy to announce that I’ve joined YoYo Games as their new Technical Writer! I’m very excited to be part of the amazing GameMaker team and really looking forward to the future.

Brb gotta do some documentation!! :p


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This is SUCH a good piece of news. I am a big fan of what Matharoo has done to help people learn GameMaker, and I think he'll do really well in this position. Great to see YYG making another hire from the community, especially when it's someone that has an obvious love for GameMaker and a proven track-record making tutorials and teaching people how to use it. A better person for the job they couldn't find. Congrats @matharoo!!!!

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I hope that doesn't mean you need to end posting your own tutorials, as having 18 years experience with GameMaker I still found one or two new things watching them! We need more of them!


Kazan Games
I was waiting for someone at the @Nocturne level to do something amazing too!

Because at least I trust you do a great job, I don't want anyone that nobody knows writing the manual, only the best 😛 👌


And if possible, please have the next update of GM have the documentation UNZIPPED by default
Since they removed it from installer and it need to be downloaded on request, or online version can be used, that's not such a bad idea (IDE could download and unzip it). However, that should be proposed trough helpdesk in my opinion, or discussed in some separate topic. New manual is far away from being mature (being introduced just one or two releases ago), and @matharoo for sure also need some time to get aclimatized, we shouldn't push him hard from first days to fix everything :D


Congrats Matheroo - great to see your hard work and dedication pay off and is much deserved!

I look forward to being one of many that cause you see the manual in your dreams like the Matrix screensaver! 😂


By all the holy even-toed ungulates of Bangalore (where I was almost delegated to, on a company mission, but was a bit afraid of obtaining a MIA status) that is breaking news indeed!

The short period I was fortunate enough to spend among your citizens – who were also my colleagues (Amarjit, Surjit,...lost memories ) - taught me a great lesson: the west has very much to learn from such ancient cultures: like real, healthy human temper - even among cutting edge tech. & cut-throat industry circumstances.

(By your joining, as a side effect, I expect YYG team soon to surprise us with some tricks (e.g. doing rodeo shows, levitating above candles while presenting video conferences, etc.).
Btw, elite and hobbyist fakir beds on CIF basis on sale for everyone – order now! :))

Your lectures are of the highest quality I (most of us?) have met, so I guess this change was inevitable...
Congrats for your promotion & good luck!
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