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Alex Lyons

I've been designing a game called Alexander Julian for months now. It's a 2D platforming/action game about a high schooler with the same name going on an adventure to stop a gang and save his idol, Sage Edwards.

The thing is, I just found that there's a famous clothing line named after world-renowned clothing designer, Alexander Julian. Of course, since the final destination of our little game is Steam and monetization is planned, I probably shouldn't have the name of the game be shared with a copyrighted brand.

What should the name of the game be changed to?

It's okay for the main character to still be called Alex Julian, as long as his name is addressed as "Alex" instead of "Alexander".

Some details to help stir up ideas:
- The setting is in the middle of Iowa in two fictional towns; Jasper and Polkville
- Alex is a senior at Jasper High School
- The antagonists are called the "Riders of Equality"
- Alex's friends are Cody, Brenden, Nicole, and Morgan (names subject to change)
- Alex's method of combat is punching, sliding, rolling, etc
- Themes: self-identity, equality vs individuality, friendship
- Multiple endings determined by player's priorities

And one last note, man does the real Alexander Julian make design clothes! I mean, LOOK AT THEM!



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How about "Jasper City Rumble"? A search for that exact string returns 0 results when googling, and the top 10 hits for the three worlds returns nothing really clashing. Google don't seem to publish the exact number of hits anymore, though, but it seems safe.


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Moderator does the real Alexander Julian make design clothes! I mean, LOOK AT THEM!
I can't look. It hurts my eyes. That's the worst looking dress shirt... ever. And that necktie looks like polyester.

Change the name if you want, of course. But I wouldn't worry about copyright. There's no overlap in the business -- i.e., video game vs clothing. Apple Computer and Apple Records get along fine. (After Apple Computer agreed to stay out of the music business, after being sued by Apple Records.)

That aside, the name "Alexander Julian" doesn't grab me. I think you can find one that's more interesting. And maybe describes the game. What about combining an Iowa theme with a gangster / crime theme name?

EDIT: Yal beat me to it.
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Alex Lyons

How about "Jasper City Rumble"?
So far the best idea, but not quite what I'm looking for. Jasper isn't the only setting of the game, as a lot of the game takes place outside.

Another note would be not to have "Alex" in the title. Too many people have characters named Alex who have their names in the title.


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How about "Not in MY cornfield". (OK, that's awful...)

Scarecrow (maybe one of the high school kids is nicknamed that. Or maybe their club is called "The Scarecrows".)
Flatland Justice
Plowed Under
Plow Blades

(OK, I realize not all Iowans are farmers.)


why don't you just use a shorter version of Alexander Julian? like Alex Jule?


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"Not in MY Cornfield" is actually pretty creative and attention-grabbing imo. $E^ ]

Fwiw, a brand name's IP is generally a trademark matter and not a copyright matter.

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Alex Lyons

Here's some ideas I've generated:
  • Alexander the Great
  • Alexander Julian VS The World
  • Alexander High
  • Dynamite Al- oh wait, never mind
  • Jasper Julian
  • Small Town Hero
  • Iowan Adventure
  • Emotive Pulse
  • Blue Bracelets
  • Not A Hero
  • Purple 'n Red
I've got a couple:
Punch Slide Roll (Straight to the point eh?)
Iowa Tales: Not Just Another Cornfield (Either the first part or second part could be left off too)
Riders of Equality

Alex Lyons

Here's some names I've come up with as of recently. These names really highlight the fact that the protagonists are high schoolers that hang out and go on all these adventures when they're not at school.
  • Senioritis
  • Senior Year
  • After School Adventure
  • Extracurricular
I really want a name soon because I'm planning on going to NebCon and spread the word.