OFFICIAL New Forum For Advanced Programming Discussions


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Hi everyone! After some discussion between members here and a bit of discussion with YYG, we have decided to try having an Advanced Programming Discussion forum. This forum is RESTRICTED and you will need to request permission to post there (and in principle everyone that requests permission will get it), but once you have been given access it will be the same as any other forum on the GMC.

The general idea for this forum is simply to give people a place to discuss advanced programming techniques, or to request help with problems that are outside of the scope of the regular programming forums (like c++ help for an extension, etc...). You may post articles or resources that you consider of interest too, but it is expected that you also provide a personal analysis of such resources as the wholñe idea of the forum is to promote discussion and not just be a dumping ground for links.

Note that this is a TRIAL and if after a month or two we (the staff & YYG) do not think it's getting sufficient traffic or interest then it will be removed again and all posts added back into the regular programming forum.

We hope that this new forum provides a place of interesting discussion and enlightenment to all users!


PS: I have granted access to this forum to certain users already, so if you can post there it's because I have already added you. ;)


It's a great idea. I love it. Doubt I will be much of a particpant, but I will enjoy reading it for sure. So what's the process of requesting permission to post anyway?


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Nice, hoping it'll get the attention it deserves! I'll contribute with what I have!