Windows New demo for open world horror game - Welcome to Quiet Haven

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    Jul 8, 2016


    WASD - Move

    Space - Interact

    Esc - Quit Game

    Picks up right where "Now Entering Quiet Haven" (which can be found here: leaves off at.

    You have almost arrived in Quiet Haven, but find yourself at a strange roadside motel, which was the site of a massacre years ago. You must explore the surrounding area for clues and items so that you make survive the night and continue your journey into the cursed town...

    This second (and last) demo showcases the initial concepts presented in the first demo, and expands upon them. Improvements are:

    - An open ended map. No more linearity - explore whichever direction you want to go first.

    - A fuel gauge! Your car can now run out of fuel, so be careful and remember to fuel up at the gas station before you venture too far!

    - More than twice the amount of monsters!

    - More 3D exploration indoors!

    - Optional hauntings - not everything has to be messed with!

    With this second demo out, we are hard at work on the full game - a huge sprawling map with countless dangers, puzzles, and encounters! Development for the full game can be found here:

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