New beginner's tutorials from the author of The Game Maker's Apprentice

GM Version: Studio (all)
Target Platform: Windows
Download: n/a
Links: see video below

General intro to GM Studio


A long time ago (in what currently feels like a galaxy far, far away) I wrote a book called The Game Maker's Apprentice with GameMaker's creator, Mark Overmars.

I now have an educational role at a videogame company called Sumo-Digital (Crackdown 3, Team Sonic Racing and many others), and we've released some free GameMaker tutorials which are trying to capture some of the magic of the original book (brought up to date for GameMaker Studio 2). There are currently three tutorials planned, with the first already online, the second coming out later this week and the third coming long before UK secondary schools reopen in September. The idea is to encourage as many young people as possible to try making a videogame for the first time during the lockdown period, as it's a really challenging and rewarding way to focus their energies during this time! :)

It's all being released for free and with Mark's blessing (in case you were wondering) and links into a wider industry initiative here:

I realise this is really basic stuff for most of the people on this forum, but I'd appreciate any help in raising awareness among schools, younger family members, or even your great aunt Petunia if she fancies having a go!

Thanks for reading - and keep making awesome things in GameMaker!

First Tutorial Video:

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