Networking - Making a Server List like `Minecraft`

Hey there, I have gone into the Community Discord, I got some good help on there. But I want to see if I can open it up to some more people to see if I can wrap my head around TCP and UDP networking types.
What I am trying to achieve is a server listing page where players, on their own client, can add and delete a list of servers they have locally on their computers. This is not an online server list finder or a game browser. Just simply a list of ip addresses that a server owner can publish so players can join. What I want to do is first ping out to a server on their IP address and their port a request to send back a bit of text describing their server, player count and ping. I've tried to achieve this is with the server listing object calling out to a server once when the server information is requested, but the server (which atm is a locally running server) doesn't receive anything, I've been using `network_send_udp` with a socket I've created using 'network_create_socket'.
The server nor the client receive anything in the networking a-sync event. So I am trying to ask what do I need to do to make this method work?
Any help would be appreciated!