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Discussion Networking for HTML5?


Are there any plans to extend GameMaker's native networking capabilites onto the HTML5 target?

If not: is there any way to connect an HTML5 client to a normal Windows client via networking in GameMaker?


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You can find multiple extensions for WebSocket support.
Connecting a WebSocket client to a non-WS server will require either another extension or an "adapter" application (someone made one IIRC), as WS is a layer on top of TCP rather than "raw" TCP.


Thanks for the info. I know about the WebSocket extensions for HTML5 but would be very interested in the "adapter" application as I haven't found anything like that, yet and that's exactly what I'm looking for.

Still, a native implementation for HTML5 would be nice.


And so is every script kiddie out there looking for a way to subvert your browser to go to unsavory sites or any number of other things. There's a reason web browsers are as locked down as they are. The problem isn't your code, the problem is that the features you are looking for can be used for nefarious purposes, hence we don't get to have nice things.


Of course there is no TCP/UDP networking on the HTML5 export, any web developer who has been reading the news can tell you that.

The HTML5 export runs on a browser and is constrained by what browser-side JS supports. One of the things it doesn't support is native networking --- the W3C started on it and backpedalled for security-related concerns. You can argue for writing an extension that embeds an invisible Flash object or Java applet to proxy the TCP/UDP calls, but both are increasingly blocked by default or doesn't run at all due to a string of high-profile zero-days since 2013.