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Online game function help

I just made a multiplayer game so I kind of know what I’m doing, I want to make a “Draw My Thing” kind of game and it sounds great, I’m going to click on my screen and everyone guessing will see the dot I made, but if I want to click and drag like I would I pen, how would I code it so that they see everything my pen drew, including curves and turns. If I just made it place a dot constantly while my pen(mouse) is down, there would be holes in the path it took. So any ideas on a drawing concept for networking? I’ve got nothing right now.

I’m looking for ideas that would work, I think this game would be amazing.
P.S. I’m using game maker 1.4, which shouldn’t be too much of a problem.


I would split it up. Record the movement of the pen and record the stuff drawed and sync it.
Ex say I move my pen from x=100 to x=105 in 1 sec. Then I would animate this in 1 sec on the client.
At the same time I would record the center of the pixel being drawn and save the draw width. (I guess you dont draw just one pixel wide pen)
I would record this data every step and then after about 50-100 milliseconds I would bundle the data and use delta compression on the positions and send it.
The client can then use the data and use play back to draw it on the client. This would give the host enough time to be able to send the next batch and make a smooth movement.


Wow this is a great idea, I didn’t even think of this, thanks!

How would you record this though, I don’t see this being too complicated.