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Team Request Network Programmer Looking For team


Hi all,

I've been using GMS1 for quite a few years and have always been interested in writing network code, in fact I can't find myself too interested in anything else. I'm new to working in a team so I'm looking for a team that are working on an online project and need somebody who's dedicated to creating the network. I'm actually a full-time Network Engineer (the non-programming type) so I've got a good understand of how networks hang together.

What I'm looking for and hopefully somebody out there is looking for:

- A dedicated network programmer, although I'm happy to help out wherever possible
- A single developer or team of developers who are able to work around the BST time zone
- Commitment for at least several hours per week
- A bit of understanding that I need to get the hang of working with collaboration software

Feel free to send me a message if you have any queries.