Windows NES Assets Workshop (NAW). A graphics editor for windows made in GMS2.


NAW is available in early access!

The NES Assets Workshop tool aims to aid with the creation of graphical assets ready to use with NES development. It is meant for artists and technical artists, and it automatically imposes all NES limitations and gives you a WISIWYG workflow.
The tool is 100% made in GMS2 with GML and includes a lot of very low level bits and bytes handling to keep true to the real NES graphics formats.

It also allows you to export your work into a working static screen NES ROM at the touch of a button.

1.png 2.png

It is available as name your own price.
Full feature list, planned features and feedback (appreciated) here:
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NAW has been updated to v0.07. Major fixes and the ability to export nametables to Ca65 asm and to C header files.

Full devlog and link to get it: