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^^\ With only 8 words to type, let's make... /^^

1) Type only 8 words for the story.
2) You may not make another post if the last post or the second to last post was yours.
3) No intentional grammatical errors.
4) There's no ending! Keep it going!

«0-- I'll start! --0»

A boy, one day, turned his computer on

The whole story yet:
A boy, one day, turned his computer on He then typed in google, "I like big nuns with nunchucks bouncing on a church rooftop before falling to their deaths" Then, his father passed away tragically. The day of his funeral, appeared on the screen. the boy was watching his father's funeral on his computer screen. He cried, then stood up, fell. And died. *The end :(*
But then he magically teleported to the moon landed on the dusty surface and began to suffocate because there wasn't any oxygen there. Then Aerith came back from the dead and Sephiroth, Cloud and the rest of the gang all started fighting on the moon. Suddenly, a machine monster made out of potatoes appeared. But, no matter. His power level was over 9000 To their surprise, his level was approximately 9001. They ate all its potatoes but they died. The day after the father's funeral, his wife found another guy with a lot of money and gave birth to a potato named Spudly. Spudly turned out to be the greatest programmer but he found out that he has cancer and getting cured wasn't like on Star Trek but thankfully there was a cure. It involved believing in an invisible, omnipotent and merciful being.

I'm not updating it any more.
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....nuns with nunchucks bouncing on a church rooftop[quote not closed yet]...


〜Flower Prince〜
...used Healing Wind to revive him, and teleported...

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Ok here's my new one:

...all started fighting on the moon. Suddenly, a...


(btw the OP says you aren't meant to post until at least two others have, it stops you taking control of the story)

golden trophy. There was an inscription which read:


A bad tumbleweed appeared in the scene..

(please dont kill it)
(enough characters with telling stories have died here.. lettuce expand on them!)