Shaders Neon Dreamz (path shader)



Hello this is really cool
A shader that uses paths,
i don't know i just thought it would work and voila (the poor paths always get ignored)
well this is another use for them
why is this cool, Umm first its Neon and its made to work with gamemaker paths, so you can draw and edit the path directly in the editor
paths can be followed or manipulated or have other objects follow or placed at different path points
or you can just manipulate the objects arrays
why a shader, so it can be rotated, and scaled like any other object

An editor is included to adjust settings and even flicker
The base sprite can be shown or hidden
and how cool is this, it can generate the cut and paste code for you
It also comes with a demo project with the shader
Later i may add different textures instead of Neon like Metal
Feel free to ask me any programming or implementation questions (there is a help screen)
or any cool paths you make

or any suggestions for future development
Enjoy ;)


Smooth now mostly working, slight rounding error
Change Points will not go below each other in editor
Path show up separately
TAB between demos
Shader colors reworked and some optimization done
color sliders will now deactivate if no change points
Demo paths in template project now
Paths in editor should now center on first point (does not have to be 0,0 but should keep center around there)

Still to do
- global color adjustment to be made local for each demo
- smooth rounding error (can be fixed by just adding a point if overlapping)
- Auto detect smoothness
- Other Textures ( Thinking a grind rail )
- Demos in 2D and 3D games
- next update ill include the 4 demo objects to show how the girl is animated, the star following the flamingo path and the star randomizing on the oasis :)

* If you have a nice path that you would like in the demo please post it
-I have fixed an issue with the way contrast was being applied
-I have introduced textures and have the second one CHALK made for v1.13 , can be used and mixed at any change point :)
-Feedback is important for further development, updates may become by request only
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Pretty cool looking! You should probably post this on the Marketplace so people have better access to it.
Ya maybe when i have all the features in ...and maybe a bit of a path library built up...with new textures...i can make maybe a spider follow a path
or a bug crawling along a vine, or hmmm a grind rail
i may have opened Pandoras box
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There have been some major updates, if you have an interest please respond to keep this thread current