Job Offer - Programmer Need to team up with experienced GMS2 coder



I have created a project in Godot together with a programmer. It is not finished and I would like it to be. And it is extremely hard to find a Godot programmer. So I decided to give GMS2 a chance.

I can pay, but not a lot (100 euro). But sharing in revenue can be possible. Also I can do some 3d if you need it in exchange.

The project:

An educational application for learning foreign languages.

What I need:

1. port the existing project template into GMS2

2. make it resolution independent (so it can be played on all kind of devices, also mobile)

3. one of the rooms needs to be split up into 2 rooms, else it will not fit a mobile screen

4. 2 functionalities need to be added. 1: a way to enter foreign symbols quickly. 2: a way to buy external content and import it for use in the program.

If you are interested, please contact me.

A bit more about the project itself:

It is a simple quiz like game, using several external dictionaries. These need to be saved, loaded and adjusted. And also new dictionaries need to be bought, to make the program profitable. The program itself will be freely distributed (want to place it on the Play Store).

My own knowledge of programming is very small. In Godot I just managed to get the system working without being able to adjust the dictionaries. But I can create graphics.

The reason I want to finish this project is because my father created it 30 years ago and I wanted to make it public to everybody.


I have 3 people interested to help me out. So I will see if someone of the 3 will be able to help me finish the project.


The reason why you want to make this project is interesting but you put "job offer" on smth that you give max 100€ and you want to make a project from scratch to port on "all kind of devices".
You also say that your programming knowledge is very small and yet you want to team up with someone that can do all that and if that someone can do all that he is an experienced programmer meaning you won't have anything to contribute except the game idea which is extremely vague from your post all i see in that game description is "simple quiz game with dictionaries and we'll make them buy more to get money out of play store".
And final is that you talk about rev-share without having any marketing plan or idea on how to publish your game.

I know i sound rude but i am trying to show you that you need to do more research on your own instead of making a post that you need help and you have a quiz game idea, now if one of those 3 programmers decides to go full rev-share and takes the risk that's good for you but very very hard to achieve.


Hi there OverLogic,
Indeed my knowledge of game scripting is low. Yet I was capable of getting most of the functionality done in my project. One thing was too complex for me, so I decided to hire a programmer (since nobody could answer my question online). The programmer did a great job, but recoded the program completely. So I could not make sense of the (more complex) code anymore.
With all of the code available, finishing the job is not that time consuming anymore.
I am not certain if the program will create revenue, so it would not be fair to only propose revenue share. I want to pay collegues for their work. Yet I don't want to spend a lot of mony in a project, that I make primary for free general use.
All the programmers received the project, so they can see if they want to help me or not. And posting my complete game concept would be not that wise, before publishing it.