Need opinion on a pixel character I did

Well the title says it all...
I really need your most true opinion on a sprite frame I did for a character.
The type of game I want to make it's mechanically inspired from games like Zelda, The binding of isaac, etc.

The sprites are not done yet, not even close.
I just want a bigger picture opinion, if I am doing it right.
The energy looks better in original version because I imported from GM directly.
The black outline will become a darker color of the original colors the respective sprite has.
Shadows will improve over time...anti-aliasing too...
I want to know if I am doing it right...

So any constructive critique is welcomed. :D


All I can say is "so far so good" my friend.
You seem to "get it" apparently. You have the shapes right, your pixels are consistent and giving the right message. You have a sense of proportion. There's nothing inherently wrong so far. Good job!
There's nothing inherently wrong so far.
Wow, thanks. I don't, I can't believe I finally did a sprite good.

And it's not even polished. I am not bragging or something, believe me, after one week, each time I check that sprite I get stunned.
And....I was looking for a motivational impulse anyway. I am lazy af.

Thank you dude. :banana:

Edit:I know it still needs a lot of work, lol.
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nice design!

I wouldn't hesitate to make the dark shading more pronounced. like take up more room on undersides, and perhaps a darker color. the neck shadow is fine.

I don't know what this robot is made of, but a desert chrome effect with different colors could be cool
@muki Thank you for the response.

Yes, the shadows are not so visible. They need to get more pronounced.
For example the shadow from the lower body is more darker then the surface shadows, that's a problem.
They need to get darker anyway...

The reason I made it so bright is because a lot of filters and lights will come over.
The game theme is dark so...I am curios how dark can it get without losing quality.

The material is metal, light metal, "chrome" would be very cool if I knew how to do it. lol
Getting metal texture between shadows, environment light and filters it's pretty hard, but it's doable.

I also started to think if an element means something, if it has purpose.
The game it's in early prototype stage and I am thinking about composition...

Well with all that said, I am happy about this positive feedback, I'd better get to work.


So far looks pretty good, itnerested to learn in the future how it turns out


Nice design.
Maybe a bit darker shading on the downside cone. If you want a chrome effect, try a real bright grey on the exposed parts where the light is falling on, like the shoulders.
Good luck