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I'm on making a trading simulation game, with a space theme.

Kind of along the lines of the old drug wars games, where you buy and sell stuff to make as much profit as possible.

During the game there will be random encounters, these will take the form of minigames.

A couple of ideas I have are:
Mini Space Battles.
Navigate Asteroid Fields.
Space Race.

I'm looking for other suggestions that would fit in with the space theme and would be reasonable for a beginner to create using the DND.


Catch raining gold coins.
Simple runner jump over cash registers.
Avoid or dodge the tax man.


maybe some sort of minimalistic tower-defense, that covers the scenario of pirates tryin to enter your ship ?

also google "space taxi c64", incase you dont know it, would lend itself to situations where you handle / save your cargo

star control (old dos game) comes to mind aswell, as a blueprint for entertaining space battles in 2d, aswell as using the concept of planet gravity for your space racing mini game ( use the gravity to gain velocity and do turns)

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Some points where you enter a black hole and you get sent back in time to earlier in the game, and you can find yourself from the future/past and because of the encounter you won't enter the blackhole, creating some paradox where there are two versions of you, but because you want to collect the price money for yourself and not split it with yourself you have to kill your other self, but by doing this you would have not existed and could never kill yourself in the first place.
That would be a cool minigame.


You might not wanna hear this but I'd really recommend following a tutorial on YouTube to learn GML coding.
It will be a LOT better in the long run than using drag n drop and most people won't be able to help you out if you have problems because they're not used to using drag N drop.

Alternatively, make those mini games first, but as stand-alone games so that you get used to the process.


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You could get an easier time if you try to come up with some core gameplay ideas first (e.g. "spaceship stages", "platforming stages with low gravity" and "hacking"), then make different gameplay modes based on these (and reusing objects). For instance spaceship stages could have modes like:
  • Dogfight against a difficult enemy
  • Battle against tons of weak enemies
  • Avoid asteroids
  • Sneak into a base avoiding searchlights
  • Escape from police ships
  • Mine ore from asteroids
  • Race another space pirate through a race course
  • Get enough speed to escape a planet's atmosphere
Similar ideas applies for the other core gameplay modes. You can do a LOT of different objectives once you have some basic objects, and if you don't need to reinvent the wheel every time you can spend more time on polishing the core mechanics so they get as fun as possible.