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Team Request Need help with graphic design

Discussion in 'Collaboration' started by Sergio López, Sep 10, 2016.

  1. Hi!
    I'm working on a 2D boss based game (that's the idea, it is not started at all, but let's say i'm working on it) and i need someone to design the characters and all the visual stuff of the game. I'm still learning so i'm looking for someone who's learning too. As i consider it a cooperative work, i'd accept ideas that can help improve the concept of the game itself.

    I'll offer nothing as an exchange, i consider this a learning work that can be useful for both me and the person that decides to help.
  2. i might be interested :) can u explain the game a little bit more?
  3. Of course!
    Well basically the idea would be to create a basic 2D sidescroller videogame with pixel art. The concept is very simple, some sort of vertically based combat so you can dodge and a little bit of various cultures based theme.
    My idea is to make the game playable while challenging at the same time, with some lore to the main characters and a visual storytelling.
    In the universe in which the game occurs, an infection has spread along the kingdom, and a civil war has left very few survivors. You, as a prisoner escape from your cell in order to go back to your homeland.
    In the way, you fight against the ones that were infected, and when you die for the first time, you make a deal with the death itself, so you'll recover the blood of 5 characters, and then, you'll have a clear way back home.

    Is not much, but it's what i've been thinking. I was waiting so I could work with some art material until working really hard on it.
    Tell me if you're interested after all! Thanks for your time!

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