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  1. Please excuse my bad english and I m new so...

    I wanted to know if it was possible to take a picture which has for example the size of 4*4 objects and use it as sprite, so whenever a object is placed in the room, it gets the correct part of the picture as sprite according to its position. I thought about a background layer which has this picture. When a object is placed the background gets visible in this particular position, otherwise not. Is this somehow possible and how?
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    Jul 13, 2016
    You could take the entire image and load it as if it were a sprite sheet. Gamemaker doesn't really care if there are many images in the sprite sheet broken up into smaller pieces or if it's one image broken up into smaller pieces. Basically it's just telling the game, "Use this section of the original image 'sprite sheet' and pretend it's a separate image".
    Check this out:

    Also if you were making some sort of slide puzzle this might be helpful too even though they do it a bit diferent:

    Let me know if I was helpful at all!
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  3. Thanks for your response, your solution would cover the whole room, but I tried to applie my 'picture' to only one type of object.

    Anyway I think I solved it by making four separat sheets for autotiling and repeating it every four tiles.
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