GMS 2 Need help trying to combine 2 resolutions of sprites


Hi, I am working on a 2d Zelda like game. Most of my sprites and all my tilesets are made up of 32 by 32 bits. I was planning on having one of my enemy objects be animated outside of the 32 bit retro art by using Claymation. I essentially wanted my sprites to be actual images that would look more detailed than the 32 bit sprites. However when I took the picture, I needed to scale it down since it was much bigger than the 32 bit sprites. This made the Claymation look very blurry and it lost a lot of detail. The only solution I can think of is scaling up the 32 bit sprites. Is this the only way to solve this problem or is their some special drawing command I can use to have my picture keep its detail? Also, would scaling up my 32 bit sprites make the game run slower?

Thanks!spooky.JPG bad_spooky.png
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In situations like this, you should either edit all your scaled down sprites to look and feel like the rest (which will require time and a some pixel art skill), or you should simply change the game to use the higher resolution (which will mean re-drawing all your smaller sprites to suit the higher res). I would not recommend scaling up sprites that have been authored at a lower resolution as nothing looks worse in a game than mismatched sprite resolutions. As for performance issues with scaled sprites, there should be none...