Need help for my Idle Space Station game



Hello guys !

Here is my new project with GMS2 : A game similar to Ogame, but on Single player, maybe with BOT enemies later.
But it's early stage.

So I have a few rooms, each one managing something different (construction, research...)
Constructions (or researches) need time. I want them to be progressing all the time, regardless of current menu. You can see progress bar on exemple below, but if I go to another menu it stops until I come back here.

The rooms are persistent, the objects are not.
Problem is : If I put my objects on "persistent", then I see them everywhere, build buttons on research menu etc. Any ideas ?

Edit : If I set objects to hidden, that's also a problem because we can still click on it.
If deactivated : they won't progress anymore (back to the beginning...).

Maybe a global clock, calculating how much bars are supposed to have progressed ? I'll do it between play sessions anyway for Idle aspect of the game.

Capture d'écran 2018-08-08 18.36.44.png

How do I do this ? :/
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If you need to show progress then global is the way to go. You should have a master object which is persistent and keep track of every thing that needs constant progression.

If you don't have to show it every where you can use datetime to calculate how long ago since you entered the room and add that to the progression.
That should also be used if you need progression when the game isn't running.


Gamemaker has built-in time-keeping. Just keep track of what time the task started, then compare every step the current time. If the difference between the times has exceeded the required time for the task, then complete the task.