SOLVED Need help! .dll failed with error code 126 when using x64 windows runtime


Raccoon Jam Host
Im making a .dll and so far everything has been running smoothly.

I went to game options and selected Use x64 windows runtime.
game maker gives this error

LoadLibraryW Y:\TEST_DLL_24134A09_VM\JOY.dll failed with error code 126

Joy is compiled in X64 and as far as I know has no errors.
I have it in the extensions tab all setup, even copies to windows selected.

I dont know what the issue is, if I uncheck use X64 runtime everything works fine and as intended.

I would really like to make my game x64 but this seems to be stopping me, any help is appreciated.


Raccoon Jam Host
The .dll was indeed compiled for x64

How ever the .dll in game maker was the old x32 .dll
and I needed to add the actual x64/release/joy.dll