Need help designing Top Down Water sprites

Zazky Man

I'm working on a top down shooter game with an emphasis on realism (mainly realistic physics so far) , just want to know how one can make believable water sprites in a top down game.
Is something similar to Source Engine water possible on GMS2, using its sprite editor.
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If you want to be realistic, just go to some texture website and grab some photographs of water from above. Even if your artstyle is pixely, you can achieve that pretty easily by forcing the image into indexed mode (limited palette).

For shading it to look good, I think this analysis might be helpful:


You can find a realistic picture of water on the Internet, edit it so that the edges do not stand out when re-placing it, or use a seamless water texture. You can apply various Photoshop effects, such as Mesh Warp in Corel Draw. To create a moving animation sprite from several pictures.