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 Need ability to export animations as spritesheets


I mentioned before that having the ability to export the art and animations we create in Game Maker Studio 2's new image editor would be a great feature.

Today however, I'm going to have to conclude that it's an essential feature.. I opened up Studio 2 to find out that several of my sprites were somehow corrupted since yesterday and now only show red boxes with an x in them and don't appear at all in game anymore. Since I had 0 way of getting them out of game maker prior to Game Maker loosing the original assets somehow I may be forced to redraw them.

Sadly at this point I think this means that until GM studio 2 gets the ability to save animations as sprite sheets for backup purposes I can't trust it to create my art. Which is really too bad as it's one of the best parts of the new studio 2 IMHO.
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You should still be able to recover the images from the project folder, which is by default located here: C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\GameMakerStudio2\GAMENAME\sprites\

I would also file a bug and include the corrupted project as this should definitely not happen! As for the ability to export/import animation strips this will be added in a future update as it is something many people (including myself) has requested.


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Yeah, if you can pin-point the exact cause/sequence, we'll fix this ASAP.


@Nocturne Unfortunately I already played around with the project trying to fix it before I saw your response so I unfortunately can't really send the corrupt files anymore. But if this happens again I'll do that right away. What's weird is that I found the original images as well as layers folder and .yy file inside another sprite's folder. So I've taken those image out, deleted the broken sprites in GMS2 and reimported the sprites and then tried to sort them so the animation is in the right order.

@Mike I'll be sure to keep an eye out for anything that might trigger this in the future and post back here if it happens again. The only thing I noticed was that one of the folders the items vanished out of was named "spr_troll 2" which struck me as odd for 2 reasons. First is that no other folder has a space in it and second was that this wasn't the name of the image. It was at first when I had duplicated it but I had quickly changed the name. So maybe there's a clue in all that?

Either way though, can't say how happy I am to hear that we're getting the ability to export our images as sprite sheets :) Thanks!


edit: sorry for necro old thread. i found the answer. i couldn't find an option to delete post. apologies.
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Resurrecting this again: Just want to tell to others like me that somehow reached this post:

Now you can select all the subimages (shift + click) and click image > export as PNG. A full strip will be generated with all the subimages