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Steam Nation Breakers: Steam Arena Coming to EA on Steam



Nation Breakers: Steam Arena gives up to 4 players control of steam bots that smash each other to smithereens in deadly and fast paced 2D platform battles. Each round is over quickly as it only takes one hit to destroy a bot by a projectile or melee attack - dodge the attacks or even send them flying back towards your opponent!

The game is easy to pick up, perfect for 4 player local play but also has nuance in the moves player's can perform to outwit and out maneuver the competition. Four major arena themes introduce unique environmental hazards to add to the chaos and power-ups to give players an edge.

If you lack real friends, enter the fray online with your imaginary friends.

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We have been working on the title and capturing footage to help secure a publisher. See our efforts back up in the first post.

It's 100% AI! (That's a captial A and I as in artificial intelligence, not capital A and lower case L as in my neighbor over the back fence)

The AI controller has been recording player based data over the course of our play tests. I applied this data to the overall state machine dictating AI behavior and viola, the AI bots move around much like how a real player would. Getting 4 player footage is now easy and I can stop pretending to like my friends and family as much as I have been.

Beta access is also coming soon, available through Steam.

Sign up at www.codedclayinteractive.com


This week, during a friends and family test session, discovered lower end laptops melt due to a few features - like fluid calculations and the replay system that records the data to be shown in the tally screen. Have started adding some global variables that will allow players to turn these off in the menu - they are only bells and whistles to the main game.

Menu is also looking pretty complete - AI bots jump around battling with the menu overlayed on the top. Mkaes it quite hectic - but also indicates exactly how the rest of the game plays out.



Looks sharp for a game that isn't on the verge of coming out. Also, looking at the subject, did you get EA to pick the game up?


Release date is set for 18th November.

Nervous, excited and a little sleep deprived.

Dropped a new trailer.