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 Naming events


I don't know if I'm the only one who thinks this would be a good idea, but think of naming your user events.

For example, right now there are 0-15 user defined events which you can call at any time from other places. If I could rename those and call them by their name, that would be really interesting to play around with.


This is what scripts are for. You can also label code blocks so you know what they are in the object editor without opening the code editor. There are also user defined events. This would be nice to label them in the object editor, but you can also simply set a constant
my_death_event = 0 ;

then to call at any time

event_user(my_death_event) ;

and define this event in the object editor, Event > Other > User Defined > user 0


Sure, I could have "scrMove" or something, but the advantages of calling event_user(move) would be that each object that supports it would have its own implementation. Kind of like a polymorphism thing.. but maybe I'm thinking too much about it in this way..


Nested scripts and parse the object index.

define scr_move() ;
case obj1: scr_move_obj1() break ;
case obj2: scr_move_obj2() break ;
Still not sure why this is easier, but that should work for you from what information you've given us.
variable_a = scr_abc; // this is the script index of scr_abc(), "variable_a" is the name as you want

// script_execute(variable_a, argument0, argument1, ......);

Normally, I would like to use the " script_execute() " than the " event_user() ", if i don't need the "event_inherit()".