Nalia's Tale [Devlog]


2018 is here and we are continuing development on Bounty Nalia's Tale. The holiday break was a great opportunity for us to look over everything that we plan to do in the game, and how we can balance it.
We are still aiming for a fluid tight combat system with an enjoyable story to it.
Not much to this update but here is animations for one of the enemies in our game!

Oh wow, its been a while since our last update! Sorry for that everyone!
Still no game play to show, we are tweaking Nalia's animations a bit more before throwing her in. So one of the things we looked at was her attack animations. While the one we had for her was good, but we felt it needed to be faster.

Another character went through a redesign as well! While not a major change we overall think this change looks better. More information on this guy later. While not animated just yet, but we feel its an improvement.

Well that's all for now, be sure to to follow us on twitter for more updates!
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There has be some work done for this area in the past, however we wanted to go a little darker in terms of the setting. while we cant show all of it atm we wanted to show a piece at the very least.

Not all is well in the galaxy...
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Been over 2 years since I have updated this!
So what can I say? Well the project isn't cancelled, just went through a period of vision control. Over the last 2 years myself and the ones working on Nalia's Tale [name change]
One of the things we added to the game is a companion. It will do more than just unlock doors and teach you how to play.

The little robotic character above is named Nix. You will learn about Nix and his functions throughout the game.

Next update is a state for when Nalia is using Nix
During this state she can no longer move. Using Nix comes at a cost. If you use him to go up against enemies you will leave nalia exposed.

Not really a big update but there is more to come!
Hope everyone enjoyed this update this far and have a great day!

- Dinobyte Softworks Team
Hey everyone! Its been a while since we last update this. Currently we are working on a project called BlackHill, though we are still working on this as much as we can. We still want this game to be the best that it can be and will make new updates as we complete them.
We have been checking to see what kind of lighting we want for the game. You can check out one of the images below!

If you would like to know more about BlackHill, check it out here?

Thank you for your continued support and we will update you soon!