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Game name: Nadia Was Here
Genre: RPG (Turn based/ real time hybrid)
Platforms: PC/ Mac
Progress: About 90% finished, now in testing fase.
Demo (NOT the beta): (Last udated may 2016, windows only)
Kickstarter page:


Looking for beta testers
Right now I'm looking for beta testers. If you'd like to test the game you can mail to joep[at]indietopia[dot]org. Please only apply if you are serious about testing and providing feedback! People who apply will receive a beta key for steam. If you just want to try out the game you can always try out the demo above, and of course I'd love to hear your feedback on that as well, but please note it's not a very recent build and things may already have been changed since then.

A much more detailed description of the game can be found on kickstarter


This is not the first time this is happening.

A mage driven by guilt. Will any of his good deeds ever truly redeem him in his own eyes?
A warrior that lives in the past, will he ever be able to accept that he's not who he used to be?
A thief born in poverty, will she ever be worth something?

Three 'heroes' set out on a journey to prevent time from starting over again.
But will it solve their problems?

The story at it's core is about the worth of life when the world will eventually forget you.

Battle system

My main focus for the game is to have a fun and varied battle system. The battle system is a bit of a mix between an active time battle system and a time management game.

Characters only target the enemies opposite of them, and enemies only target characters opposite of them in return. The position and moves of the characters can be changed in real-time, and the characters will automatically perform those moves once the charge time needed for that move has been reached.

The game will have a set amount of battles. The only way to increase stats permanently is by using equipment, but even then stat growth is very limited. The main way to defeat more difficult enemies is to learn new skills and use those tactically. Not a single skill will ever be useless or outclassed by another, and not every skill will be useful for every battle.

Character development happens mostly during battles. The mage can only learn new skills by studying enemies, and the thief only by stealing new weapons. The warrior is the exception. He only has a normal attack but is able to learn passive abilities trough artifacts found in dungeons.

Dungeon design

I plan on having puzzle centric dungeons with of course some exploration. There are no random battles and not many enemies per dungeon so there is no reason to make the dungeons unnecesarily long. The full game has 14 dungeon-like area's.

I'm using the same 16 color palette for the entire game.

Thank you for reading this page! I hope you will apply to be a tester, I need all the help I can get to make this game the best it can be!
Really love this, especially your limited pallet choice. I'll definitely test it out when I have the time! Keep up the great work


Nadia also means "Hope" in Russian, which is why I went for the name. It meaning "No one" does add an extra layer to it witch surprisingly fits the story. No problems there ;)


GMC Elder
Looks interesting :) I would've liked to play it for a few minutes in my lunch break but unfortunately you're not providing a download link. While looking at your GIFs (they look intriguing btw!), the mirror effect caught my attention as it didn't look quite right - I hope that's okay!

Your mirror projection is not following the vanishing point that your walls have established.
This would be more evident if you had a mirror near the edge of the wall:

The red line follows your current projection and you can see how it will be cut off by the edge of the wall it's projected onto.
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Thanks! I'll look into the mirrors if I find time, I don't really think I'll ever get it "right" though as the perspective I used is kind of weird to begin with, played around with it quite a bit already.

There actually is a download link at the top of the page, next to "Demo"