Steam My second game - Hollow Island

-> Here is the LINK to the store! -<

If anyone is interested I just released a big patch for my game, Hollow Island, which is now becoming rather polished if I may say so myself.
It is inspired by Terraria, Stardew Valley and an old classic game called Alundra. If you like crafting, mining and exploring then perhaps this game is
for you. There is also a 50% sale starting in roughly one hour =)

As always - feedback is very much appreciated!

Best wishes//Mattias

PS: My first game was called Grim Nights - figured I might at least mention that considering the title I chose for this post, hehe!
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The link at the very top goes to the steam-store page, where the sale is right now, but I will edit the text a little to make it clearer! Glad to see some interest =)