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Windows My runner crashes randomly

Hello guys. I got a problem.
My game project will crash when I test it with Run Mode or Debug Mode.
Strangely, it crashed very randomly. Maybe after 10s, or after 20s, or just instantly.
This is the crash :
It just shows this error message. Nothing else.
I have an entry that build it to an Exe. It works normally in that way.
I flip over the internet to search information. But there is nothing's close to my problem.
The best information is related to Runtime Error. So I tried to reload IDE, reload Runtimes Feed, even re-install the engine.
It helped. But only the first time after fix. Then the problem came back. I really don't know the reason.
So anybody have suggestion? I need your help.
Hmm :) Guys. I'm lonely here.
But actually, I got it solved. It's my bad when I installed the engine in my hard drive C:/
It's my lowest storage. So I guess that's the problem, even it has 30gb of empty. Finally, I re-install into 200GB-empty-drive. And it works. So there are 3 cases.
1 - The engine really needs more than 30gb of empty storage to work the runner.
2 - The engine estimated the wrong empty storage.
3 - My hard drive C:/ just has a complicated trouble :)
I just got only one of these cases. So guys, if you got this stupid problem and find this topic, you may check 3 things above.
Peacez !