Android My OKAYEST decent mobile game (I think)



Alright guys, so this is Soul Chase: Another World.

It has been in development for a year and is almost complete now so I could really use some feedback! There's a free version of this in the Play Store but that one hasnt been updated much since release. This version is much more okayer than that! My aim is to bring some decent games (actually challenging games) into mobile gaming.

Right now I am trying to figure out the right balance for the game regarding:
1. the cost of upgrades and how long it takes to get them
2. the balance of the stages (although they are meant to be on the difficult side and is meant for experienced platformer players)

Basically I really really don't want anything to annoy the player, EXCEPT for the difficulty of the stages. Other than that everything else should be smooth for them because ------ It's a paid app!

But of course I am giving it away for free to anyone interested to try it out - and I would really appreciate some feedbacks. Please send me a DM and I'll give you a promo code for the Early Access Build.

Thanks guys! Happy Game Making


Hey looks pretty good. I wonder how you did the controls. Sorry I’m an Apple guy and can’t play.
hey thanks! so basically there are four on screen controls, left, right, jump and attack. i forced these controls with a method that i should not have used in my opinion - i used the gui_mouse position to check if the fingers are in the area of the button and then check again for left button press.

what i think i should have done is used the built in gestures for mobile. i did not know that this was a thing when i was developing the game... but now that i think of it.. maybe i should rebump the controls.. maybe it will reduce some control issues on some devices. thanks you made me realize this! although redoing all controls would be a pain lol