Released My new game - Tommy Gunn - is now available.

Tony Brice

Hi guys,

I've now released my eighth game using GMS 2 and put it up for free on

The version uploaded there is currently the same build as I submitted for the latest SyntaxBomb coding game competition but I'm possibly going to build on it, as I had to axe a few parts just to make the deadline.

This time I had a bit of help from a proper graphics artist as well as a couple of guys doing music and sounds for me. Game coding is becoming a bit more project managing than just coding for me these days but I'm particularly proud of this game as I learnt a lot from creating it.

Four levels - one of which is a runner section to break off from the running, shooting and platform jumping from the other three.

Probably the most ridiculous plot ever conceived for a game. How many people get to die before they are born, after all?

Any and all feedback is most welcome. Thanks for taking a look and feel free to try out some of my other games if you like the look of them.

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