My "Magic" Kingdom Hearts Cap


Alex Lyons


I was at the mall with my mother today getting clothes for the upcoming school year. Of course, I gotta return to college looking my best because there could be a whole swarm of cute nerdy girls just begging for a piece of crap like me. We go to Hot Topic because, let’s face it, it’s the best place to get video game/anime apparel besides perhaps FYE. I find an Attack on Titan and a Super Mario Bros shirt I like. We’re about to pay when I spot a blue Kingdom Hearts cap hanging so high I can’t even reach it. I spend a good five minutes convincing my mom that it was completely necessary that I get it. Like most mothers, she had no idea what Kingdom Hearts even was.

We then have the cashier girl go get it down. She used a long pole with a hook on the end to get it down. We ring it up and it cost $20, which was quite expensive for a hat. I then reassure my hesitant mother that it’s very important that I have this hat. She caves and I immediately put it on after paying.

After that, we leave the mall. We’re at the door and we see a couple HOT girls approaching. Like, they were good looking! Being a gentleman, I held the door open for them. They pass by and look right at the hat. They both go, “I LOVE YOUR HAT!!! <3” My mother was just standing there completely dumbfounded.

See, when I want something, there's a pretty good reason.