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 My GMS2 Suggestions


I will keep adding things to this post as i make a test project.

1. Script tabs! Scripts inside scripts. Yes please.
2. Vertical menu scrollbars. For example in the room editor sidebar.
3. Adjustable controls. Instead of using SPACE to move/zoom the workspace, make it so its re-bindable to Ctrl, Alt, etc...
4. Sprite origin. Split them into two dropdown menus one for vertical and one for horizontal. This way you have only three options each (top,mid,bot) and a "custom" which you cant pick but it changes into when you move the sprite origin manually.
5. Sprite zooming tools zoom/in out towards the top left corner of the workspace instead of the middle, making the sprite go outside and you have to pan to find it.
6. Obviously more sprite effects and please keep the "remove transparency" option as it is very useful.
7. Custom brushes perhaps?
8. Perhaps font kerning?
9. Paths are beziers instead of "smooth" and "straight"
10. Better sound depth then 16 bit.
11. Keep the compile tab/window closed if you close it manually
12. Room editor keyboard shortcut for snap-to-grid and off.
13. Bring back the old GM8 functions that were Windows related, like showing menus, save dialogues, execute_file... Do not limit the GML just because the audience is wider. Return an error if using "execute_file" on android or whatever. Just don't limit us.
14. Game Maker Studio 2 still suffers from a long startup. GM8 has a boot time of 2 seconds, studio 22, and Studio 2 took on a average 25 seconds, from a SSD and 16 GB ram, no background processes. And thats just for the "startup page" on studio. If Adobe or AutoCAD, or some audio programs that have over 50 GB of data boot under 15 seconds for me, I would expect a fairly light-weight program to boot in a few seconds (under 5).

Other then that, great job everyone and keep up the good work!
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