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My gms 1.4 prototype


Hello game maker community, I wanted to show people what I have spent the last few months on and get some feedback before I go any further with this. I'll put a .exe and some screenshot as well as a picture of my graphics i'm using below. I started this project a good while back probably two months ago but I only have the weekends to really work on it, that's why I want to get some feedback to see what people think of the ideas in play. Any feedback would be great I love constructive criticism.

I have alot more to go but I figured this would bee the best time to start getting any kind of feedback, There is no collisions in as of yet, if you have any suggestions for collisions I would gladly take them also the AI is pretty basic but I'm working on it non stop.

game download

about the game
z- attack
x- pickup/drop

screenshots(I cannot take the broken images out?)

tile/sprite sheet
you can hold one item and wear one armor at a time, this is the strategy in the game, you cant carry much but multiplayer is planned (split screen) and you will have to work together to get through various puzzles, fights, and scenarios.

working on some new armors and upgrades but I can't seem to get any new ideas for mages or elves that fit the style, any ideas?

The worrior was pretty easy to design, the mage and elf are a bit different though. I thought the enemies would be harder to make but enemy unit ideas flow like crazy.

The shaman isn't quite done yet, the magic animations has been something I've avoided until I can get A better lighting system, but for the most part the goblins are about done.
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Your game download link asks me to create a dropbox account. I'd be willing to try out your game, but not if I have to make an account with Dropbox. MEGA is better.